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How Landscaping improves the mood of your home.
How building an energy efficient home will save you money.
Building a House Vs. Buying a House
Shared Closet Space?


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How Landscaping improves the mood of your home.

garden-landscaping-ideas-1Landscaping a home can range from simple using grass to going all out with grass, shrubs, and stonework. Colours tend to bring about particular moods. Colours in landscaping can be defined by different types of flowers. 


Relaxation is highly achieved by water features. These can range from garden ponds, water falls, water fountains, etc. The sight and sound of moving water creates a mood of relaxation that is a known form of meditation. 

Bright and Chirpy

Bright colours gives the sense of high energy and happy feeling. Happiness around your home is something that every human person would love to achieve. Having a garden with bright colours to start your morning can bring you a happy day. 


Stonework in Landscaping can be very beautiful. The use of nature's artwork can be presented in just using gravel, to getting carved stones. There is a wide range of material that is available on the market that can be used to facilitate different designs that can be just plain or glorious!

How would you landscape your home using water, stone and flowering plants?

How building an energy efficient home will save you money.

Building houses in Jamaica typically blocks (bricks), mortar, steel, roofing. Because of our tropical climate, most persons build without insulation to protect against certain elements. While Jamaicans don't necessarily need to protect against the cold, the heat is becoming unbearable. 

Building green in Jamaica will cost a bit more but long term, it saves. If a house is built with insulation in the roof, that minimizes the heat that is disbursed in the building, hence decreases the need for high cost of cooling. 

Wall insulation also helps as most structures are built from concrete and concrete holds the heat during the days and releases it when the time is cooler.

What do you think about spending the extra cash to build green?

Building a House Vs. Buying a House

There are pros and cons in everything that we do, including build or buying a home. 

Would you prefer to build a house or buy one and why?

Shared Closet Space?

Some women has a tendency to want her own closet space for various reasons. What is your reason you'd prefer your own closet space?

What would you like to stand out in your dream home?

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Every one has a dream home, somewhere that you would be comfortable living, that has everything that you can ever imagine that you'll need. What would you want to stand out in your dream home? Interior or exterior.